IO3 – Materials and Tools

The third Intellectual Output is strongly connected with the previous one and will consist in the development of the materials for practitioners based on the visual narrative methodology stories through the images model.
The power of images is well known, as they can arrive where words cannot. When someone has had a traumatic experiences, memories can be hard to tell. Matching an image to a traumatic experience is a first step in their elaboration. Visual narration, psycho-emotional stability and protection contribute to making people ‘digest’ life experiences and stories, which are difficult to tell, and avoid leaving a sense of emptiness, terror and anguish. Thanks to this, women involved in the process have a bigger chance to achieve self-fulfilment in the future, thus dispelling the risk to be trapped between mental conditions and untold past experiences.
The SIMPLE project plans a testing phase of all materials with the group of 60 migrant women in each partner country. The Piloting will validate the intervention model in practical cases and will be extremely important for the final results of the SIMPLE project and its sustainability for the future.

The Handbook with materials and tools is ready to be downloaded in English