SIMPLE piloting in the United Kingdom

The SIMPLE project’s piloting in the UK organised by Inova Consultancy is now complete and we are excited to share the results! This project was a great success and we are pleased that we were able to allow so many different women to share their stories through such creative methods.

The IO3 piloting consisted of a Storytelling Workshop that explored mindfulness and art-based tools, to encourage a positive perspective, increased resilience and improved confidence.

We shared many resources but the best thing to come from the workshop was this collaborative poem from the participants titled ‘What Every Woman Should Carry’ which explores their migration journey and identity.

The first session was attended by 14 participants, and the second session had an attendance of 10, with a total of 16 different women taking part over the two days. We also had women attend from 11 different countries including Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Palestine and Malaysia which meant that the stories and cultures shared throughout the sessions were so diverse and amazing to listen to.

Read what our amazing participants had to say:

  • “Some excellent discussion on self narrative. I am currently writing some personal essays and I found some excellent information”
  • “I enjoyed it immensely and loved the poem. While sharing my photo I got inspired by the memories and feelings about it and wrote a brief poem that connects me with my roots and land”
  • “This workshop helped me to take a moment in my life to understand my environment, relax myself a little bit, and express my emotions through art. I learnt that I only need 2 minutes to find peace in my life.”

To access the SIMPLE project’s Handbook where you can learn more about the materials and tools covered in these sessions, please click here.

The IO4 piloting consisted of workshops around employability and social media that helped our participants learn to market themselves. We trained them on CV development, social media presence and personal branding. This workshop was very insightful because the women who attended strived to work in such a diverse range of industries including the creative sector, translation, research, law, among others. This allowed such enriching and thought provoking discussions throughout the sessions.

A total of 13 women attended the first workshop, 10 attended the second workshop and 11 were present in the last one. The piloting phase engaged a total of 18 different women from 8 different countries including Guinea, Mexico, Indian and China which helped the women understand how their different backgrounds allowed them to market themselves because of their unique stories!

To access the SIMPLE project’s Handbook where you can read about the learning pathways to socio-economic inclusion, please click here.

Our participants said:

  • “I was able to reconnect with my achievements through a well structured session.”
  • “I learned about how to adapt and improve my CV for the UK market”.

Inova’s pilots were a great success and the feedback from both workshops showed us that the SIMPLE project and its outcomes were greatly welcomed by female migrants in the UK.

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