SIMPLE multiplier event

The Multiplier event of Simple Project was organized in Malmö, Sweden by IKF Malmö – Internationella Kvinnoföreningen. In a highly inspiring event, we shared the method and the results of the Erasmus+ SIMPLE project.The main objective of the project was to develop a visual narrative method, to narrate personal stories by using artistic expressions. Images have been taken from “The Arrival” book by Shaun Tan. A parallel between Migration and Multiculturalism, combined with tools of managing the emotional challenges using the “Window of Tolerance”, developed by Daniel J. Siegel, a university professor at UCLA, who stays at the based of the Mindsight concept (The new Science of Personal Transformation). We would also like to give special thanks to Föreningscenter Nobel 21 Malmö for hosting IKF Malmö and our event.

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